Julie Goldberg For County Legislator

Educator. Librarian. Writer. Editor. Activist. Progressive.

Born in New Jersey, Julie Goldberg attended Rutgers University, where she studied literature, music, and education. She taught high school English, then later became a public reference librarian and an educational media specialist. She holds Master’s degrees in Education, Literature, and in Library & Information Science. She and her husband Martin Springer have been married for 23 years. They moved with their two children to Chestnut Ridge in 2002, where Julie was a founding member of the Hungry Hollow Coalition. She is a board member and editor for River River, a community arts organization in Nyack, and a writer of fiction and essays. She believes that now more than ever, people must give their talents to serving their communities, and stand up and fight for justice.

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Future-focused Agenda for Rockland County

A vision for Rockland County’s environment, economy, transportation, governance, health, and quality of life.

It’s time to put aside the divisive, wasteful political games that obstruct progress, and work instead on a future-focused agenda that benefits all Rockland County residents!


Our most urgent need is environmental action for breathable air, flood prevention, climate protection, tourism, and cost-savings.

Economic development

Fostering a healthy local business climate provides good jobs, keeps residential taxes in check, and makes Rockland an attractive place to raise a family.


Rockland County is on the move! But we need major improvements in our transportation system to speed residents around the county and to opportunities in NYC.


The Rockland County Legislature is a branch of government (co-equal with the County Executive) whose role is to represent ALL residents. People are entitled to transparency about how the County spends taxpayer money and how its agencies are working to improve our quality of life.

Mental Health and Addiction

Rockland residents suffering from mental illness, PTSD, and addiction, as well as their families, need help to obtain treatment, medication, and wraparound community-based services.

Quality of Life

Rockland County is a wonderful place in which to live and work, which is why we care about the quality of life here.